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i told myself i would quickly redo this post before doing anything else bc i don’t really have all these brushes anymore so i did hahaha. EXTREMELY HUGE MASTERPOST FEAT. ALL MY IMPORTANT BRUSHES!

ummmm, info on some of my brushes :

  • i use the ‘Blotchy Thick’ brush on most of my art! really good for lineart.
  • the ‘Ballpoint Pen’ is really handy for writing.
  • the ‘Pen’ brush is one of my fave brushes! idk it just has like. that really crisp looking edge to it. i tried to get it look really nice like a photoshop brush.
  • 'Pencil' brush is what i use for editing dangan ronpa sprites!
  • 'Smooth Jazz' is really cool. it looks all wispy if you hold your stylus down and add pressure lightly.
  • 'Sumi-E' is really cool and handy when it comes to making those really old Japanese styled traditional art.
  • a lot of these textures should be in SAI already! heck, most of my brushes don’t even have textures.

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